Hello world!

We’re excited to open xtimeline.com to the public after many months of development!   We hope you’ll enjoy exploring timelines on our site, and creating timelines on topics that you’re passionate about.  Making a timeline is a unique way of expressing yourself and sharing your knowledge with the world.  

We know our site is a bit unusual, so we wanted to answer some questions:

Why timelines?
We think modern society is awash in information, and we need better ways to organize it.  Timelines are a great way to visualize how a series of events are related.  Thanks to computers, timelines are no longer static and paper-bound — our timelines are interactive and can contain pictures, videos, music, and links to more information.  

Why make a site just for timelines?
Making a dynamic timeline widget isn’t enough — you need to have a place to create, store, and share them with other people.  We like to think of xtimeline as a cross between wikipedia andyoutube.  Like all user-generated content sites, you can upload your own thoughts, media, and opinions.  Eventually, we think some timelines will become well-known enough to be online references.

Thanks again for checking out the xtimeline site.  We have a lot of ideas about how the site can evolve.  But most of all, we’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions.

Have fun exploring and creating,

Lauren and Kevin

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