New Feature: Groups!

We spent a long time trying to figure out how to allow users to create timelines collaboratively. We found that the initial Friends feature did not have granular enough controls. The result is our new Group feature that we hope will make it easier to:

1) Work together on creating timelines
2) Find other users who share your interests

We greatly admire open editing platforms like, and we wanted to create an editing system that would be flexible and also allow users the freedom to manage their own groups.

So what can you do in Groups?

Anyone can create a group. As a group creator, you’ll have administrator rights over all the timelines in the group, and the ability to appoint other members to be moderators. You will be able to set the editing settings for the group as a whole. You can allow other group members the right to modify all events (full cooperation), or only modify events they have created (limited cooperation).

You can create timelines specifically for a group, or you can submit timelines you have already created to a group.

Join the current groups or create your own!

We’ve created some groups and gotten some users to submit their timelines.

Web 2.0 Timeliners – timelines about internet companies, web 2.0 phenomenons
Military Historians – timelines about wars (iraq, ww2, etc.)
Celebrity Lives – timelines about famous people
xtimeline gamers – timelines about games, game histories

We hope the new Groups functionality will make it easier for everyone to collaborate on timelines. We know it takes work to create a good timeline, so why not let others work with you on one, and make it an educational and social process all in one.

Let us know what you think of the new feature. We’re always looking to get more feedback from you.

The xtimeline team

Final note: we’re still working on the new timeline widget that we’ve told you about. It’s taking longer than we’d hoped, but we’re trying to get it to you soon. Stay tuned!


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