We are excited to announce a new version of our timeline widget and website!

Here are the highlights:

1) A new and improved timeline widget

• Enhanced performance – The timeline widget loads up much faster, and can handle large numbers of events.

• Improved embedding – It’s now easier to embed the timeline widget on your blog, social networking profile, or website. Customize the size of the widget, and then copy the embed code to start sharing timelines that you like or have created.

• Different timeline view – You can view our timeline in the traditional View or in a new “card” format. The “card” view shows the picture and allows you to view the timeline as a continuous series of events.

2) Easier to collaborate

• Public Editing Option – Now you have the option to make your timelines publicly editable. This means you can allow all xtimeline users to contribute events and edit your timelines. With the easy wiki-like edit history feature, you can roll back to previous versions as desired.

3) Easier to discover new timelines

• Site Redesign – We have been reorganizing the site since January, and we think the new layout will make it easier for you to find interesting timelines. We’ve made our Explore page the main page to find new timelines — you can now sort by category, language, views, and time and more. We’ve also simplified our home page to make it clearer.

We’re really excited about the new website, and we hope it is getting easier to create and explore timelines. We’re always working on further improvements, so let us know what you think of this new release.

And please help us spread the word about xtimeline!

The xtimeline team

Some of our recent favorite timelines:

The History of Oil
The TV Series “Lost”
The History of the Bra


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