When it comes to timelines, the most natural use is for studying or understanding history. For any teachers out there that may be looking for ideas on how to incorporate timelines into their assignments, here are some lesson plans that might help:

Build a Black History Database/Timeline
(Note: xtimeline African American History Month Group contains a list of timelines of African American leaders and influencers)

Cyberspace Explorer: Getting to Know Christopher Columbus

Using Timeline Games and Mexican History to Improve Comprehension

The First American Party System:  Events, Issues, and Positions (Note: Timelines of Democratic Party history and Republican Party history might be helpful)

History of Automobiles (Note: we have a pretty good Automobile timeline)

If you have timeline lessons for your history classes that you’d like to share, please let us know!

  • Marcia Bukowski

    You should try to do your maintenance on a weekend sor weekdays between 1 A.M. & 6 A.M. Students have projects due and you put the website under maintenance several times in 1 day during prime homework times. Very unwise. My daughter had her timeline almost done and then you went to a maintenance screen again. She was working on it earlier and went to a maintenance screen then. Is her project automatically saved? or does she have to start from scratch?

  • xtimeline

    Dear Marcia — we're very sorry about the server being down. We do not believe any information was lost — the server was just unreachable. We've written a blog post about it here: http://blog.xtimeline.com/2009/03/server-outage
    Apologies again
    The xtimeline Team

  • dude91

    Good information you ve here

    I am checking out all the links at the moment !

  • David Wylie

    Have been busy using Timeline to build for our website exploring the issues of the Newbury Martyrs (1556, Newbury Berkshire England) for today’s students of Religious Education and History.

    Have to say this has been a fantastic software and has really powerul results. I have loved using it and hope our site will bring other people into contact with it, both teachers and students.

    As to the famento software, my dad having died recently, I am finally getting to know my 86 year old mum as an individual in her own right and will try the famento software to plot her family tree.

    Thanks people… keep up the good work.

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