The xtimeline server went down on Wednesday afternoon (PST). No data was lost, but the site was unreachable for several hours. The problem has been fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience it caused you. We recognize that xtimeline has become a tool that people depend on, and we are working hard to improve our service to meet those expectations.

One improvement you will soon see is a new version of xtimeline. Changes are modest from a surface perspective, but the backend has been improved significantly.

Here’s what to expect:
* The site will be faster
* The site will be more stable
* Changes in groups
* No new timeline, yet

We hope the new version will be ready as early as next week. Given the economic environment, we haven’t been able to produce this new version as fast as we would like.

Thank you again to all the xtimeline users who wrote to us alerting us to issues on the site. Your emails and feedback really help us to know what we have to work on. We’ll be asking for more of your feedback soon in the coming week.

Thanks for your patience,

The xtimeline Team

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