We want to apologize for the problems that you have been experiencing on the website since our transition to the new version in the last week.  We tried our best to test for problems ahead of time, but unfortunately, we did not catch every issue.

In this new version, we made a number of improvements:
1) Rewrite our backend to make the site run faster
2) Shift the site to a new, better server, also to help speed up the site
3) Change “Groups” to “Lists” to make it easier to use

The good news, we believe, is that the site is more stable now.  There are a few issues which we are still resolving, but we think the site is close to the stage where we wish we had been when we did the transition.

We are a small team, and we are doing our best to maintain the site, and continue with some modest improvements.  We do read your feedback, and appreciate the comments.  We’ll continue to make changes you request as quickly as we can.

Thank you for your patience.

Best regards,
The xtimeline team

  • Margie Matthews

    Should things be working again? When we send an invitation, the link does not work.

  • K-Mo

    Seriously, the server is ALWAYS too busy. I can never get on your site. I got to use it once and was really happy with it. Every time since then it won't load. Really disapointed!

  • Name

    HI, I've been trying to get started, and keep getting a “server is too busy” message. ? March 9 2010

  • I like it here articles, thank you.

  • Sherleyhone2jx

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  • Tingsaile


  • Good

  • Elaine123

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