We’ve been pleasantly surprised with how many of our users come from all over the world. Only 2/3 of our users are from English-speaking countries, which is amazing considering the site is only available in English and Chinese.

We want to offer our non-English users a better experience by expanding the number of languages that we support. This is where we’d really like your help. The few minutes you spend translating will help bring xtimeline to users that speak your language.

Please look at our translation wiki.

You can also get to the translation wiki from our footer.

Thanks so much in advance. And please email us to let us know that you contributed so we can recognize you properly! We’ll be keeping track of all the people who helped make xtimeline better.

Once again, we’re still working on some exciting functionality that we plan to release soon. Specifically, we’re completely revamping our timeline widget and developing functionality for group-based editing.

Stay tuned!

The xtimeline team

It’s been a little while since our last release, but that’s because we’ve been working hard on improving xtimeline. For those of you following the site, here is a summary of our latest changes.

Language Support
We’ve created the structure for xtimeline to support multiple languages, and we’ve started by offering Chinese. We’ll be looking for help soon on translating the site into other languages. In addition to other languages, we’ll also be adding in filters to allow you to search for timelines by language. Please send us some feedback if you’re interested in helping out!


Export to CSV and XML

We added RSS and CSV import a few weeks ago, and now we’ve added the ability to export to XML and CSV files. This gives timeline creators the ability to download their data. This function is located on the edit page.


We hope this function is helpful for anybody who wants to use their data on other sites, or would like to have a local copy of their timeline.

We’re also planning to give users the ability to make their timelines downloadable by the public. The timeline creator will be able to set this in the timeline’s preferences. We’ll let you know when this is ready!

Other improvements:
* No longer need to specify day or month

Here’s a preview of changes to come:
* Groups and group editing – We’re working on creating groups that would make it easier to collaborate to build timelines.

* New timeline widget – We’re also working on a new design and algorithm to entirely change the way timelines are displayed and embedded. We think this will make xtimeline more attractive and useful.

* API – This might take us a bit longer, but don’t worry, we’re working on this.

Thanks again for all of your comments and please keep them coming! We really read everything that is sent to us. If we don’t respond to a suggestion — sometimes it’s because we’re already working on it, and planning to release it soon. Again, we’ll try our best to respond!

Lauren and Kevin

New Feature: RSS Upload — import your blog into a timeline

We’re excited to announce you can now import RSS feeds! Upload your favorite blogs or newsfeeds into a timeline. Creating a timeline this way takes only seconds.


Here are some examples of blogs:

Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things

Mashable: Social software and social networking 2.0.

Event descriptions now suport full HTML code. You can now add hyperlinks, pictures, formatting codes, and more. Here’s an example of a RSS entry that has pictures and HTML formatting.

We make money not art: Interview with Adriana Salazar

If you need help with RSS onto the website, please check out our help page.

We also wanted to thank everyone for all the feedback. We’ll have even more changes soon. We’re working on a major improvement on the timeline widget, Asian language support, data exporting and more. Please check the site for updates and keep the suggestions coming!


Lauren and Kevin

We’ve been reading the feedback, and we know many of you want an easier way to upload your data.

So, we’ve just added in a bulk upload option.

Once you create a timeline, you can use bulk upload to quickly populate the timeline with events. The bulk upload button is on the timeline edit page next to add event.



The bulk upload uses a .csv (comma separated values) file, and you can download an example file here. Use this file as a base to start adding events by using a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

If you are not familiar with this function, we have more details in the help button next to the “Bulk Upload” button.

We’ll be adding in many more features soon, like RSS feeding. So say tuned, and please keep the feedback coming!


Lauren and Kevin

We can’t say how surprised we were to see xtimeline get picked up by blogs, educators, and the web 2.0 community (we’ll post the links soon in another entry). We hope that you’ll always be able to visit, and find new and interesting timelines.

One of the best things about the past few days has been watching people create new timelines. While many people are just testing the system out, there are already a few timelines that we think are going to be great.

Web Browser History
A History of Jazz Albums
La Vida de Carl Jung

In the meantime, please continue creating timelines, and send us your comments and suggestions! We’ll do our best to take your requests and continue with improving the site and widget.

Thanks for everyone’s support!

Lauren and Kevin

We’re excited to open xtimeline.com to the public after many months of development!   We hope you’ll enjoy exploring timelines on our site, and creating timelines on topics that you’re passionate about.  Making a timeline is a unique way of expressing yourself and sharing your knowledge with the world.  

We know our site is a bit unusual, so we wanted to answer some questions:

Why timelines?
We think modern society is awash in information, and we need better ways to organize it.  Timelines are a great way to visualize how a series of events are related.  Thanks to computers, timelines are no longer static and paper-bound — our timelines are interactive and can contain pictures, videos, music, and links to more information.  

Why make a site just for timelines?
Making a dynamic timeline widget isn’t enough — you need to have a place to create, store, and share them with other people.  We like to think of xtimeline as a cross between wikipedia andyoutube.  Like all user-generated content sites, you can upload your own thoughts, media, and opinions.  Eventually, we think some timelines will become well-known enough to be online references.

Thanks again for checking out the xtimeline site.  We have a lot of ideas about how the site can evolve.  But most of all, we’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions.

Have fun exploring and creating,

Lauren and Kevin

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