This week marks the last week of school for many states.  In talking to my nephew about his summer plans today, I was a little taken aback by the very busy summer he’ll have (summer job, summer reading, college visits, family vacation, and activities with friends).  I couldn’t help but have him walk me through how he will do all of this.  Then, it occurred to me, that he just made a summer vacation timeline!

So, here’s an idea for something to do with your students during this last week of class – Creating Summer Vacation Timelines:

1) Ask them to detail their summer plans — each activity, how long the activity will take, what the corresponding dates will be for each (these are the “events” in the timeline)

2) Add details about each summer activity:  post pictures or videos of places they’ll visit, or create a video of them talking about what they hope to get out of their summer job or trip

3) Consider not just due dates for homework/summer assignments, but also create an event on when it needs to start in order to complete it by the due date.  For example, summer reading book reports are due on the first day of school, but when do you need to start reading those five books to get this done before school starts?

It’s never too early to start teaching time management.

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